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Western Digital Wd AV-GP 500GB 32 Mb 3.5 Int Sata 6 GB/S

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Imagen: 0 - Western Digital Wd AV-GP 500GB 32 Mb 3.5 Int Sata 6 GB/S

Imágenes: Western Digital Wd AV-GP 500GB 32 Mb 3.5 Int Sata 6 GB/S

CerrarImagen: 0 - Western Digital Wd AV-GP 500GB 32 Mb 3.5 Int Sata 6 GB/S

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Fabricante: Western Digital - Referencia: WD5000AUDX

500 GB, 32 MB, 3.5-inch, SATA 6 Gb/s, 3.7W, 2.6W, 1 million hours

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24x7 reliability.
These drives are designed to last in always-on, streaming digital audio/video environments such as PVRs, DVRs and surveillance video recorders.

Reduced power consumption.
With the combination of WD's IntelliSeek, IntelliPark, and IntelliPower technologies, WD has reduced power consumption by up to 40 percent compared to competitors' drives.

Whisper quiet.
Noise levels have been minimized to less than one sone – virtually below the threshold of human hearing.

Large Capacity Drives
Meeting the technological challenges of 3 TB SATA hard drive implementation.

WD leads the way now offering a massive 3 TBs of storage capacity on a single drive. In a typical PC configuration, a drive may be connected as a primary boot drive, or as a secondary drive. Large capacity drives are no different, however, it is important to verify your system can support a large capacity drive before attempting to install it.

When installed as a boot drive, put simply, the operating system boots off of the drive, (an operating system is required to start the computer). When installed as a secondary drive will solely be used to house data, (the drive will not contain an operating system). While newer systems are set up to handle large capacity drives, older legacy systems require updating and still may not support booting of older operating systems.

To understand if your system will support a hard drive with greater than 2.19 TB, consult your OS, Motherboard and USB bridge device solution providers from the list below before you attempt to install in your system.

AV Applications
It is important to verify whether specific AV products can support a large capacity drive before attempting installation. Most products that use storage have some type of operating system and system start up software that needs to take into account the size and the impact that size may have on the different layers of software contained within their products. Older systems using legacy operating systems and BIOSs that utilize the Master Boot Record (MBR) partition table scheme encounter a barrier at 2.19 TB.

External Applications
USB bridge devices

USB attached storage solution providers have solved many of the issues associated with Large Drives within the USB Bridge firmware. Some present large capacity drives as single drive using larger sector sizes while others present the large capacity drive as more than one or more smaller drives to the host. Please consult the solution provider for their solution availability and implementation details.

- ASMedia Technology
- Freescale Semiconductor
- Fujitsu
- Initio Corporation
- JMicron Technology
- Lucidport Technology
- Silicon Image
- Sunplus Technology
- PLX Technology/Oxford Semiconductor
- Skymedi Corporation
- Symwave
- Texas Instruments
- VIA Technologies

Accionamiento de disco
· Capacidad de disco duro: 500 GB
· Velocidad de rotación del disco duro: -
· Interfaz del disco duro: Serial ATA
· Tamaño de disco duro: 88.9 mm (3.5 ")
· Memoria temporal: 32 MB
Transmisión de datos
· Velocidad de transferencia de datos: 6 Gbit/s
Contro de energía
· Power consumption (read): 3.7 W
· Power consumption (write): 3.7 W
· Power consumption (idle): 2.6 W
· Tiempo medio entre fallos: 100000000 h
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