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Asus P9D-X S1150 Xeon E3 C222 Atx Cpnt VGA+2LAN+U3+SATA 6GB/S DDR3 In

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Imagen: 0 - Asus P9D-X S1150 Xeon E3 C222 Atx Cpnt VGA+2LAN+U3+SATA 6GB/S DDR3 InImagen: 1 - Asus P9D-X S1150 Xeon E3 C222 Atx Cpnt VGA+2LAN+U3+SATA 6GB/S DDR3 InImagen: 2 - Asus P9D-X S1150 Xeon E3 C222 Atx Cpnt VGA+2LAN+U3+SATA 6GB/S DDR3 In

Imágenes: Asus P9D-X S1150 Xeon E3 C222 Atx Cpnt VGA+2LAN+U3+SATA 6GB/S DDR3 In

CerrarImagen: 0 - Asus P9D-X S1150 Xeon E3 C222 Atx Cpnt VGA+2LAN+U3+SATA 6GB/S DDR3 InImagen: 1 - Asus P9D-X S1150 Xeon E3 C222 Atx Cpnt VGA+2LAN+U3+SATA 6GB/S DDR3 InImagen: 2 - Asus P9D-X S1150 Xeon E3 C222 Atx Cpnt VGA+2LAN+U3+SATA 6GB/S DDR3 In

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Fabricante: Asus - Referencia: 90SB0380-M0UAY0

P9D-X, LGA 1150, C222, 4 x UDIMM, 32GB DDR3, SATA II / SATA III, USB 2.0 / USB 3.0, VGA, ATX

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Designed to support three legacy PCI Devices
Besides the latest PCI-E technology, P9D-X keeps up to 3 legacy PCI slots on board which can fulfill various customers’ requirements. Customers can move their existing legacy PCI add-on cards to P9D-X, and still benefit from up-to-date Intel Xeon E3-1200 v3 Processor Family and DDR3 memory technology to their solutions.

Dual Intel I210AT Gigabit Ethernet
The ASUS P9D-X ships with dual server-class Intel Ethernet ports with the I210AT controllers, which doubles queues compared to previous-generation Intel 82574L controllers. This is better for virtualization applications. In addition, the dual LAN teaming ports provide high networking bandwidth with load balance and fault tolerance functions. This design greatly reduces data processing bottlenecks during network traffic.

High power efficiency with digital power control
Digital CPU power controls work perfectly together to match digital power signal (SVID) requests from the CPU, with ultra-fast sensing and response efficiently delivering precision power. Accurate delivery reduces waste, and provides more stable voltage. P9D-X VR power efficiency reaches an impressive 90%.

Most cost-saving for customers
The P9D-X is designed for readily-available chassis, with a standard ATX form factor, and compatibility with desktop power supplies. Customers can upgrade to the new Denlow platform with just the P9D-X while keeping many existing components, thus protecting their investment. Meanwhile, the product is power saving with low power-consuming Intel Xeon processor, and therefore requires lower thermal solution cost.

Outstanding I/O design
The ASUS P9D-X supports one PCI-E x16, Gen3 x16 link with professional VGA supported. Besides, P9D-X is built to support 2 USB 3.0 ports. Built to connect easily with next generation components and peripherals, USB 3.0 transfers data 10X faster and is also backward compatible with USB 2.0.

Server management: ASWM Enterprise
ASWM Enterprise software provides one-to-multiple centralized management, including BIOS flash, remote control, and power control, all through a colorful and informative graphical interface.

SATA DOM (Disk on Module) ready
A SATA DOM is a flash drive simulating a hard disc which can be used without additional software or drivers. It is particularly helpful within embedded computing systems or thin clients. ASUS-exclusive design adds an onboard 4-pin power connector and USB header to make SATA DOM installation simple and easy.

Friendly Design for front I/O, front VGA
An accessible rear power button is reserved onboard for use as front panel ports when reversing the serverboard. An extra 15-pin VGA header features front-panel monitor connectivity, helping customers with greater flexibility. These designs provide flexible I/O integration for users to fit in various computing environments.

· Componente para: Servidor
· Tarjeta madre, factor de forma: ATX
· Fabricante de procesador: Intel
· Número de procesadores soportados: 1
· Intel ® Xeon ® serie: E3-1200
· tipos de memoria compatibles: DDR3-SDRAM
· Velocidades de reloj de memoria soportadas: 1333, 1600 MHz
· Número de ranuras DIMM: 4
· Memoria interna máxima: 32 GB
· ECC: Si
· Soporte de canales de memoria: Dual
· Capacidad de módulo UDIMM soportada: 2GB, 4GB, 8GB
· Memoria máxima UDIMM: 32 GB
· Velocidades de reloj UDIMM soportadas: 1333, 1600 MHz
Reguladores del almacenaje
· Interfaz del disco duro: Serial ATA II, Serial ATA III
· Niveles RAID: 0, 1, 5, 10
Interno I/O
· Conector de instrusión a chasis: Si
· USB 2.0, conectores: 2
· Número de conectores a ventilador de chasis: 5
· Cabecera de puerto serie: 1
· Conector TPM: Si
· Número de conectores SATA 2: 4
· Número de conectores SATA 3: 2
· Conector de energía EPS (8-pin): Si
· Conector de potencia ATX (24 pines): Si
Panel trasero Puertos de I/O (Input/Output)
· Cantidad de puertos VGA (D-Sub): 1
· Ethernet LAN (RJ-45) cantidad de puertos: 2
· Puerto de ratón PS/2: 1
· Cantidad de puertos USB 2.0: 2
· Puerto serial: 1
· Cantidad de puertos USB 3.0: 2
Ranuras de expansión
· Ranuras PCI Express x8 (Gen 2.x): 1
· PCI Express x16 (Gen 3.x) slots: 1
· Ranuras PCI: 3
· Ethernet: Si
· Wifi: No
· Adaptador de memoria gráficos incorporados: 64 MB
Condiciones ambientales
· Intervalo de temperatura operativa: 10 - 35 °C
· Intervalo de temperatura de almacenaje: -40 - 70 °C
· Intervalo de humedad relativa para funcionamiento: 20 - 70 %
Peso y dimensiones
· Ancho: 305 mm
· Profundidad: 244 mm
Contenido del embalaje
· Manual de usuario: Si
· Cables incluidos: SATA
Sistema operativo/software
· Software incluido: ASWM Enterprise
Aprobaciones reguladoras
· Certificación: CE
FCC(Class B)
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